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Some HTC One M9 carry Gorilla Glass 3


The HTC One M9 is the last flagship of the famous Taiwanese brand which was presented more than a month ago. Now, after having already gone on sale and after even having received some updates It is filtered by @upleaks that not all units of the device carry Gorilla Glass 4, as expected, but some – it is not known how many – carry the previous edition.

Corning, the manufacturer of these protection screens states that Gorilla Glass 4 ensures twice as much protection as the previous version, Gorilla Glass 3. When we talk about the screens we talk with fear, because it is one of the most expensive elements of a mobile, and, of course, one of the most important.

The difference between these two models, as we see, is abysmal. Y if the rumor is corroborated that it is true, it will be a great stick for HTC. But, after all, it is very normal, and almost all brands, if not all, have this problem: the lack of transparency in terms of the components that bring their devices.

And if you do not remember the news that two days ago it was found that some Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge do not have a Sony sensor, as it should be, but instead carry a Samsung. Well This happens, unfortunately with everything and not only in the consumer electronics sector.

Of course, if I were an HTC One M9 holder, I would be very upset, because I cannot identify whether my panel is one or the other. But Unfortunately, we cannot ask the brand for any kind of responsibility, because nowhere does he affirm in writing when buying the mobile that comes with Gorilla Glass 4.

Source | Phone Area