Kuo predicts 30 percent more sales of the Galaxy S10 than expected: report

Kuo predicts 30 percent more sales of the Galaxy S10 than expected: report


The S10 will sell much more than the S9 according to Kuo's predictions.

Angela Lang / CNET

Samsung's new flagship phone in all its variants, the Samsung Galaxy S10, will go on sale officially on Friday, March 8. The cell phone has been available for reservation since last February and it seems that this has served as data for reputed analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo, to predict a good future for this device.

Kuo, in a research note addressed to investors and collected by 9toMac, said that the demand initially planned for the launch of the Galaxy S10 is better than expected, noting that they will be 30 percent higher than expected.

Kuo expects Samsung to sell between 40 and 45 million units of the Galaxy S10 series during 2019 while initially predicting between 30 to 35 million units.

According to Kuo, the increase in sales is directly related to the reserve figures, which are between 30 and 40 percent higher than those of the Galaxy S9 series last year.

On the other hand, Kuo estimates that Apple has only sent around 66 million of its new iPhones in the first fiscal quarter of 2019.

According to Kuo, the interest of consumers in Samsung's S10 in the face of lower demand for the iPhone is related to the inclusion in Samsung's phone of advanced components such as the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor or the reverse charging system.

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