Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens is a logical and physical game for children

The new proposal from the developers Avokiddo is a perfect game for kids called Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens that plunges us into an adventure of castles, princes and princesses while we learn.

This playful proposal has a music that creates an impressive atmosphere and aesthetics seems taken from children's stories. Special mention to the dragon that observes us on some screens.

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Simple operation

The operation is simple. We have to create a character adapting it to our liking and we will roll it on the stage in search of the key that opens the door to the next level.

For this we will interact with some animals such as bats, we will use gears to activate machines and manipulate levers that will move elements, in addition to face ghosts, crocodiles and much more.

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Physics will be one of the protagonists, since we will have to know how concepts such as gravity, reflection or tension forces work.

The difficulty is adjusted

When we start the game we can adapt the difficulty to the player's age, If you are between 5 and 8 years old you will give us access to a series of levels while if you are over 8 years old you will choose other more complicated ones.

In total we will have 228 phases to overcome in which we will see castles, dragons, machines, spells and everything while using logic to unravel simple puzzles.

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Free download

We can play this game. download for free from the Google Play Store although we have purchases within the app and we can use it simultaneously Up to 6 different players, ideal for when there are several children who want to participate.