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IPhone XR price falls in Japan

Last week we discussed in Tecnocat the market problems that Apple faced with its new devices. Demand was not expected, although economic gains increased, the number of devices sold as the iPhone XR low.

The company will have to take action on the matter and it was rumored that the iPhone X would return to production or that the price would drop and for Japan the latter is already a reality.

From one day to another the operator NTT Docom offers the iPhone XR 64 Gb of a price of 36,000 yen (317.91 dollars) to 24,000 yen (211.94 dollars) for whom hired a 24 month plan. They are little more than 100 dollars Of diference.

Apple strategy?

There is nothing assured about whether the company is behind these changes. It can simply be something that only happens in Japan as a strategy directed specifically for that market and no other operator has spoken about it.

We will have to wait in the course of the week to see how the information unfolds and see if in other countries this device also starts to lower its price in this way. It is not worth getting carried away by speculation, but it is worth a little illusion. Would you like this idea? What do you think? Japan or everyone? Leave your answer in the comments, we are reading you.

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