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IOS 13 jailbreak allows CarPlay to be more entertaining

  jailbreak CarPlay iOS 13
A recent jailbreak update CarBridge improves the existing version of CarPlay Apple with a new one to include support for YouTube games and videos in the latest version of iOS 13. Although it is not a new functionality, it is not yet available for the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

However, the inconveniences have been solved and as of this week, CarBridge offers full support for iOS 13 as part of a completely new version. CarBridge for iOS 13 is available for $ 4.99 and as explained by the developer of the application explains there are important changes with respect to the previous versions:

CarBridge for iOS 13 is a complete rewrite of the original CarBridge for iOS 10, with new and improved cones. Please note that this version of CarBridge only includes the application of the original CarBridge portal as a result of CarPlay changes in iOS 13.

Despite the best, CarBridge keep the basic function package from the previous versions, which allow you to see the iPhone screen in the car HUD, play videos and play games on the screen, and control the iPhone, all available from the car screen.

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According to the Autoevolution site CarBridge represents an evolution of CarPlay, but that only works on iPhone with jailbreak, which is clearly a decisive factor for many people who are not willing to unlock their devices. But, this is something that could change very soon, since as Apple itself has said, it has decided to open more parts of iOS to third parties, and CarPlay benefits a lot from this change.

An example of the above was noted after applications such as Google Maps and Waze arrived at CarPlay last year. Since then, Apple has allowed other companies to bring their applications to the multi-view CarPlay screen, basically allowing users to replace Apple Maps with any navigation application such as Google Maps and Waze