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iFixit shows the insides of the Galaxy S10 and its tiny fingerprint reader

This is how the Galaxy S10 looks completely open


iFixit performed an open heart operation at Galaxy S10 Y Galaxy S10E with all its surgical precision.

The company did this, as with any other fashion phone, to know its components, the way it is assembled and to know how easy it is to repair by a user or by anyone with the necessary tools but without being from the technical team of Samsung

First things first: the news. iFixit highlighted the small size of the ultrasonic fingerprint reader that goes under the screen. The size of the reader is surprisingly small, although it is now easier to understand why there have been criticisms of the accuracy of this reader.

iFixit highlights a situation that could become a problem: the battery. Due to the reversible wireless charging function (with which the back of the S10 can charge the battery wirelessly from another compatible device), a lot of heat is generated inside and "probably not good for the life of the battery in the future".

In conclusion, iFixit only stands out as positive that the screws can be removed with a single Philips conventional screwdriver; as a neutral point is that the components are modular and can be replaced independently, although the charging port is assembled to the motherboard. In negative points iFixit highlights three: it is very difficult to replace the battery, the glass is glued and the risk of breaking increases and the repair of the screen needs to disassemble the phone.

iFixit gives the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E a rating of 3/10, with 10 being the best rating a device can have for being highly easy to repair. You can read all the details of this iFixit analysis on its website.

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