You can now undo sending an email in Gmail for Android

How to undo the sending of an email in Gmail for Android

Gmail was a breath of fresh air when it was announced. Google wanted its new email service to be the best of the moment and go if it succeeded.

When he bought Android it was clear from the beginning that this service would be integrated into the system. So much so that in order to use most of its functions we need a Gmail account.

Now the popular application has been updated on our phones with one of those functions that have made it a reference: be able to undo a shipment.

How to undo sending an email in Gmail for Android

You can now undo sending an email in Gmail for Android

In order to use this function, which has been in the web client for a long time, we will have to update the application to the version 8.7 or higher. Currently that version is already in the Google Play Store so simply updating from the store we will have it. If it doesn't come out we can always install the APK by hand.

The operation is very simple. When we send an email from the application and return to the inbox, a black strip will appear at the bottom with a button with the text Undo in orange, in the lower right corner. If we click on in the seconds following the sending of the mail we will see how it is canceled.

In addition, the email will open so that we can edit it and correct the mistake we have made when sending it, from a typo until we make a mistake.

Of course, we will have to hurry since it will be less than 10 seconds that we have to press the button. Otherwise, it will disappear and we will not have the option to undo the shipment in any way.

As in the web version, being able to use this function once the mail has been sent does not depend on the recipient's email since Google minimally delays the delivery to give us this option to correct it if necessary.