How to solve if Instagram closes alone

Have you ever noticed that Instagram closes alone? It can be due to different causes, so it is difficult to find an effective solution, so you can try several in order to see if the application finally works correctly and does not close anymore.

Unfortunately, This may not be the only problem you encounter when using Instagram. A fairly common one is when Instagram Stories do not load, not because of a mobile connectivity error, but because of other causes that are related to the app.

In any case, then, we will only focus on solutions that could prevent Instagram from closing on you, it is best that you try them one by one in case any of them does not work for you, surely one of them will definitely solve the error.

Restart the mobile

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, the simplest thing you can try is restart phone, in some occasions it can be an effective solution. In the case of the iPhone, just press the power button and turn off the device.

Then you turn it on and voila, because iOS does not have a specific option to restart. If you have an Android phone, the process changes, but most of the time it will be enough to make a long press also on the lock button and press on restart option.

Then just open the Instagram application To verify that it works correctly, if you see that it keeps closing itself, you should continue testing more solutions.

Force Instagram shutdown

If Instagram closes alone, you can try force app stop, which will cause the application to close completely and not be open in the background, which is what usually happens when you leave one application and enter another.

This only you can do it on Android phones, the steps may vary slightly from one device to another. In any case, we leave you the steps below:

  1. Enter the application settings of your phone and access the applications section. Once inside, search Instagram and enter it.
  2. Now click on force stop, you will immediately receive a message informing you that it may cause errors in the operation of the app if you perform the action. You should not worry, just accept the closure and go, and then you can open Instagram without problems.

Image - How to fix if Instagram closes by itself

Clear data and Instagram cache

Another method you can try to fix the Instagram shutdown is delete the cache and Instagram data. It is usually a very effective method, so it may be the definitive solution, so you should not hesitate to try it if the previous two do not work for you.

This is something you can do if you have an Android terminal, so just follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings, go to application and go to Instagram, it's almost at the end of the list.
  2. Now enter the storage option and press first on delete cache and then delete data.

Image - How to fix if Instagram closes by itself

  1. Finally, open Instagram and browse normally for the application.

Update Instagram

One option you can try is to update Instagram on your iPhone or Android mobile, it is a very simple process that can sometimes work, since the updates of the apps usually bring bug fixes, improvements and sometimes new features.

Precisely these problems can be fixed, so if it closes just do not hesitate to Enter Google Play Store or App Store to update Instagram, just wait a few seconds for the process to finish and then you can try to open the application and use it.

Uninstall the application

As a last option, the best thing you can do is uninstall Instagram completely from your phone and then install it again. In Android, just press and hold the trash, while in iOS you will also have to press the app for a few seconds and press the X to remove the app.