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Europe wants to change mobile phone batteries easy

Europe wants to change cell phone batteries be easy

Your mobile battery has been damaged and you have not managed to change it for yourself? This usually happens because most smart phones come with an internal (sealed) battery to ensure greater protection against dust and water. Nevertheless, Europe wants to change mobile phone batteries easy.

In principle, the Commission Europe will have a proposal It includes not only mobile phones but also tablets and accessories such as wireless headphones. In addition, this will not end here, as they also plan to implement new regulations to pollute the environment less.

Europe bets on easy access to mobile phone batteries and recycling

Europe is committed to easy access to cell phone batteries and recycling

The European Union (EU) plans to present a proposal that guarantees that smart cell batteries are easier to change. This is because the phones, increasingly, come with internal batteries that hinder their change. In fact, it was recently learned that they are developing new lithium and silicon batteries capable of lasting 10 times longer than current batteries.

It is believed that within this proposal, the EU will also be pushing for manufacturers to offer longer warranty periods and easier access to repair information for your products.

It is important to note that it does not appear that the EU is asking for a ban on sealed batteries, but rather wish prohibit practices such as hitting batteries, which greatly complicates the replacement process.

EU highlights environmental care

While this initiative will be aimed at mobiles, tablets and accessories such as wireless headphones, what Europe really looks for with this proposal is to guarantee:

  • A greater recycling.
  • Power reuse raw material.
  • Secure a sustainable production.

These points are reflected because the proposal of the EU also demands a greater recycling for product packaging, as also the reduction in the use of microplastics. In fact, this initiative suggests manufacturers put a label on their packages to reveal how many microplastics are released to the environment when they use their products..

From Androidphoria we believe that this is a great initiative because it is not so easy to go to the store, buy a new battery and put it on your mobile. Do you want to know what the batteries will be like in the future? Well, we invite you to take a look at graphene batteries.