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Could this new iPad make the MacBook obsolete?

One of the essential additions for a tablet to fulfill more functions of a laptop is that it has at least one keyboard that allows you to work anywhere as if you were in the office.

But what helps more to that sensation is that the tablet has a trackpad incorporated and thus being able to control all the touch movements from the keyboard and not depend on the touch screen.

Well, that seems to be Apple's latest innovation, as The Information reports, Cupertino's are working on an iPad Keyboard with Trackpad.

?Apple plans to launch an iPad keyboard accessory later this year than to include a built-in trackpad, the last step in its effort to position the tablet as an alternative to laptops, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company will probably launch the accessory along with the next version of the iPad Pro that is expected for this year, ?added the source within the apple-seed company interviewed by the site.

What The Information also raises is that ?the new iPad Pro Smart Keyboard with trackpad is expected to be made of materials similar to the current Smart Keyboards. This implies that presenting a cloth design, probably even with cloth-covered keys, Foxconn being one of the ?leading manufacturers? of the new accessory ?.


There is no specific date for the possible launch of this functionality, but it will be for spring in the northern hemisphere. This will be given at the launch in addition to the iPad Pro update that comes with new features, such as a triple lens camera system that includes a 3D flight time sensor.

Another important evidence is that third-party accessory manufacturers, such as Brydge, have also announced their own iPad Pro keyboard cases with trackpads.

Also an advance in that direction is given by 9to5Mac, which indicates that ?Meanwhile, iPadOS 13.4 includes new functions related to keyboard access and support. The developer Steve Troughton-Smith points out, however, that the update has? no change to suggest support trackpad beyond what AssistiveTouch does. ?

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