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Coronavirus may delay Apple's iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Pro concept

The coronavirus, or rather COVID-19, is becoming a worldwide problem of extreme gravity and is only affecting people, also the global companies that could seebe forced to make important changes, including Apple.

Right at this time of year, the Apple engineers and executives often make several trips to China to contact suppliers and begin preparations to manufacture new iPhone. But this process has had to be delayed this year due to travel restrictions to China because of the coronavirus, at least this is what informs Reuters.

The iPhone 12 in danger

Although we see a new iPhone every September, Apple begins the process of designing and searching for suppliers long before. Many iPhone units are sold during the first months and everything has to be perfectly prepared long before the presentation.

According to Reuters, some former Apple employees said it "could be bad" that Apple engineers could not meet with Foxconn engineers in China to plan the production of the iPhone 12.

Are Apple engineers working with Foxconn engineers? If they are, they are probably making progress. But if they are not, if they are in quarantine, that could be bad. ”

Foxconn factory in China

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Normally, after the celebration of the Chinese new year, normality is regained in China and that is when Apple and Foxconn begin testing prototype assembly of new iPhone. Between March and April, Apple and Foxconn engineers work together to establish assembly lines and perform tests, and final adjustments are made in April and May. If this whole process is delayed, the production of the new iPhone will also, so its launch in September will be in danger.

Apple has already warned investors that it will not be able to meet the revenue targets for this quarter due to the shortage of devices and the partial closure of factories and stores in China due to the coronavirus, which could now affect the iPhone 12. Hopefully it will be able to contain the disease, that everything takes its normal course and, above all, that there are no more victims.