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Citron Ami: debuts in Paris the electric car that does not require a driver's license

The Citron Ami is a two-seater electric car; Thanks to its modest engine it does not require a driver's license in Europe Source: AFP

The car brand
Citron He presented his new Ami model on Thursday in Paris, an electric vehicle that has 70 kilometers of autonomy, and that does not require a driver's license in Europe.

As reported by Citron Marketing Director, Arnaud Belloni, on average in France taking out the driving license costs 1800 euros, so it is one of the main obstacles that young people encounter to access a vehicle.

Therefore, the gala firm has launched the
Citron Ami, a vehicle that can be
drive after 14 or 16 years (depending on the regulation in force in each country) and that can be recharged in the plug of any home.

"For 100 years, Citron has always been innovative and creative in the democratization of freedom of movement. This year, Citron presents a new urban mobility solution accessible to all: compact, protective, electric, without the need for a driving license and affordable ", stressed the general director of the PSA Group brand, Vicent Cobe.

With 2.41 meters long and 1.39 meters wide, inside the Ami
two people can travel and is offered with up to six equipment packages with different colors available.

The model rides a
6 kW electric propeller (8 horsepower) and its 5.5 kilowatt hour (Kwh) battery can be recharged in just three hours in a conventional outlet. The autonomous region is 70 km and its maximum speed is 45 km / h.

The base price of the Citroën Ami will be 6900 euros in France

The base price of the Citron Ami is 6900 euros in France Source: AFP

Purchase options

The Citron Ami will be available through several purchase options. On the one hand, the brand offers the model on the Internet for a price in the French market of 6900 euros. However, the firm will make Ami available to its customers for € 19.99 per month through a long-term rental program.

Also, using Free2Move you can use the vehicle for 26 cents per minute. In addition, thanks to an agreement with Fnac and Darty, the model will be available in the company's stores.

"Ami is a perfect solution for new generations," said the CEO of Fnac and Darty, Enrique Martnez, who explained that in the coming months customers will be able to know the vehicle at their firm's facilities.

Citron begin accepting orders from Ami starting in March in France, while in the second semester they reach other countries such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and, later, the model landing in Germany.


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