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App of the iPadizate Day: LaCuerda

LaCuerda for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

It has not happened to him that he has heard a song and has felt the need or concern to pick up a guitar and play it, in his room, at a friend's house, on the street …, or simply that he is learning to play it and for that, start playing the songs that inspire you the most.

Well, you're in luck! We bring you to iPadizate the app of the famous web of tablatures, one of the largest websites in Spanish where you can find songs with your lyrics and chords.

Do you hear that song? Do you have a guitar and your iPad nearby? Well, go and get it, LaCuerda has the notes you're looking for

Get ready to cover your pain, tune the guitar and let yourself go. You are before the portable version of the website, where every day they publish the guitar tabs of your favorite songs, the ones you listen to on the radio, the most innovative ones, etc.

The app fulfills its function at 200%, since if from the web you only see the tabs aesthetically, With the LaCuerda app you can let your iPad be the one that suits you in the song With its “automatic parade” mode, you will have 8 speeds to choose from, so that you are the one who sets the rhythm of the song. Who said a ballad has to be slow?

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As soon as you open the app we will run into your smart search engine, do not worry if you do not remember the complete title of the song, or the exact name of its author, Searching for a topic in the LaCuerda app implies finding results.

The app alsoincludes a more than useful chord library, there will always be chords to review, remember and learn, since each song is a world, although do not worry if you see a chord that you do not know, it is not necessary that you change the screen of your song since LaCuerda will show you if you play said according to your finger

Another of the tools offered by the app is that of change the tone of the song, this will allow you to give the song another air, don't adapt your tone to it, let the tool adapt the tone of the song to yours.

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You have in mind a setlist But you don't want to waste time searching for each song every time you want to play it? Don't worry, just gurdala to your favorites list, also the LaCuerda guys have thought of you and allow you use your favorite songs even if you don't have an internet connection, and even, you can store your list on your servers so you never lose it.

Finally, the app has added new features such as integration with AirPrint and the option to share the songs with your email, Facebook and Twitter contacts.

LaCuerda, simply the library of guitar tabs To accompany you wherever you go.