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Adobe celebrates 30 years of Photoshop with new features in its app for iPad and Mac

30 years ago one of the most important applications of the creative sector was born, a program that remains the great reference in photographic editing. In February 1990, the first version of Adobe Photoshop, the quintessential editor, that helped make the Mac appeared one of the most important creative tools For every photographer. And now, after several decades and lots of versions later, Adobe celebrates this anniversary with new features for one of its most popular programs.

Present now both on computers and on the iPad, where it appeared a few months ago with a much more advanced version than we are used to for a mobile device, Adobe Photoshop is in the routines of millions of people all over the world. Its functionalities are part of the lives of lots of artists who with their help create true masterpieces. And this seems to be just the beginning for the program, because Adobe doesn't seem to have the intention to leave it behind.

With the latest version of the program, now available for Adobe Creative Cloud users, it is now possible to use new tools such as the Object Selector on the iPad, which uses machine learning to make a much more accurate selection of photo elements. They have also been added new controls for layers and text editing to the iPadOS version. However, the changes have not been limited to this platform, but have also presented some changes to the desktop.


Now, Mac users can finally experience the dark mode in the editor's dialog boxes thanks to its latest update. Moreover, the performance of the lens blur effect has also been improved, which now use the GPU to provide a more realistic result.

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And as we commented, this is only the beginning of the future of Photoshop. Adobe has already prepared a new decade of changes for the program, a time in which improve the use of artificial intelligence within the editor and will take it to even more platforms. For 30 more years, Adobe Photoshop.