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Acer Predator 8, the competitor of Nvidia Shield Tablet, is seen in Computex 2015


Acer Predator 8, the competitor of Nvidia Shield Tablet, is seen in Computex 2015

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June 2, 2015

At the end of last April we met quite surprising news. Acer a firm that until now had stood out in the mobile market with economic products that served as a counterpart to the high prices of the high range, presented at an event in the United States a project that had remained hidden and that had nothing to do with his trajectory: the “Predator” tablet. A tablet designed to offer the best possible gaming experience, a competitor for the Nvidia Shield Tablet, and that has now been seen in the Computex 2015 providing new information

This afternoon we told you that Acer is preparing the launch of two new Iconia tablets, the One 8 and the One 7, existing models that will be renewed with features that we will discover in the coming days, in an event that will surely take place in the framework where today the most interesting news related to the firm that has its headquarters in Taipei, the city where Computex 2015 is held, has been produced. We talked about the Acer Predator 8, a gaming tablet that points very high.


Although we had already seen some image of the Acer Predator 8, today we have been able to analyze it in greater detail. Its aggressive lines, its colors, remind of the characteristic designs of laptops that, like this tablet, have their main focus in the videogames sector, such as some models of MSI or Alienware. Marked angles, bright red details (with special mention of the four stereo speakers), large “Predator” logo on the back… even the name. A device that runs away from the usual aesthetic, really attractive although it is not a device for all users.


Although Acer has expanded the information we had so far on the Predator 8, some important points have been left in the reserve, possibly because they are not entirely clear or because they want to keep the option of improving them as the market progresses until defining the definitive characteristics that the final product will have, which on the other hand, is expected to arrive to the shops at the beginning of next year 2016.

They have not communicated for example the resolution that the 8-inch screen will have, neither the storage capacity nor that of the RAM, but they have confirmed the processor that will be mounted, the Intel Atom x7, which after accompanying Microsoft Surface 3 and Lenovo ThinkPad 10, will team up with the Android operating system for the first time. It is a chip manufactured with 14nm technology, four cores that work at 1.6 GHz and reach 2.3 GHz in turbo mode and the eighth-generation Intel HD Graphics GPU.

The great reception that had the Nvidia Shield Tablet and the expectation which has generated a supposed second generation of it, they say a lot of user interest in this type of proposal. Acer has an opportunity and should not let it escape, if they do things well, they could mark a turning point in the path followed by the company in the tablet segment.

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