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A rogue-like called Rogue Grinders that you'll love

Rogue Grinders arrives to take as a base what has been the great Pixel Dungeon to take it to other heights thanks to its excellent treatment in the graphics. A title very well worked and that with vivid colors in the palette used is able to provide a more than interesting look at this genre of the RPG with its stuff.

A rogue-like in which every time die you'll have to start from scratch, although with the gratitude on the part of being able to allow you to unlock new characters with a series of innate characteristics. Thus we begin our journey in one of the most interesting rogue-like of the last months. Let's go get him.

With randomly generated dungeons so you never know what awaits you

Rogue grinders

Rogue Grinders takes us into a game with a lot of pixel art and in which we are going to handle the gestures. It takes turns, so each movement you make becomes that of the enemy or the activation or deactivation of the traps that we will find throughout our adventure.

Rogue grinders

What to say that we are above all a rogue-like. This means that you will have to treasure enough money to unlock new weapons Like you can find treasures that, through the use of advertising, will allow us to unlock new weapons as well as armor.

On that journey we will also find both normal enemies and the desired final bosses; and it is the latter who do not go with little girls. With each death, and starting from scratch, Rogue Grinders will add experience and we will unlock chests that will allow us to access new equipment.

Start from scratch every time in Rogue Grinders

Rogue grinders

I mean, with those chests will allow you to choose your hero's new weapon so that he begins the adventure from 0. There will come a time when you can unlock new heroes and each of them with their own link to statistics and different skills.

Not everything will be generated randomly, since we will have a series of levels For those who progress. It is important that you complete them all and that you do not leave a single gap to unlock those heroes that will allow us to have some advantage over a type of final bosses. Let's say Rogue Grinders has that mix of randomness added to the hand-drawn design of the levels and the progressive difficulty.

That said, we recommend that in the games don't leave a puppet without a head Like those plants, go over them to try their luck in case they release any object. Like we will find certain characters asking for cheese so that we can look for it to be able to move a piece that we find nearby so that it can be sailed.

An offline game for your enjoyment

Rogue grinders

Another of the points of Rogue Grinders is the be a game that can be played offline. This means that you do not depend on online and advertising, so far, it has not been something that has given us headaches. For the rest, a very complete game that generates a great gaming experience. The atmosphere created in the dungeons also invites us to continue playing one game after another in order to progress and turn our hero into a super warrior.