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Your PayPal account may have unauthorized Google Pay payments

Security problem PayPal Google Pay

Thousands of people around the world have reported serious vulnerabilities and security issues in the most used online payment platform in the world, PayPal.

Although there are several vulnerabilities discovered by various computer specialists, the one that stands out is the one that has to do with a error in the integration of Google Pay in PayPal, which is now being used to perform unauthorized transactions.

Watch out! Your PayPal account may be in danger

As mentioned by various means, as well as what is reported by a huge number of people registered in PayPalThe problem is due to the fact that when a PayPal account is linked to a Google Play account, the service creates a virtual card that can then be used to make payments without any type of payment. authorization by the owner of that account.

Unauthorized payments Paypal Google Pay

If the card in question was only billed for POS-type transactions, there will be no problem, but PayPal allows that virtual card to be used for online transactions automatically. In this way, the vulnerability found by a group of hackers has made thousands of accounts register unauthorized payments to applications, games, services and other.

PayPal has issued a statement regarding this problem

A representative of the company responded to the problems that have been present in the thousands of accounts of the different users that have been affected: The security of our clients' accounts is a priority for the company. We are thoroughly reviewing and evaluating this information and will take appropriate measures to further protect our customers..

If you have been one of the thousands of affected users, We recommend you contact PayPal, either through your telephone number, or generating a dispute to have your money stolen from your account returned.