Xiaomi now enters the world of notebooks?

Xiaomi now enters the world of notebooks?

Technology currently leads us hand in hand towards a future not so far in which all the objects with which we live in the day will be interconnected to the network. Companies are very aware of this and that is why we see more and more products that we never imagined could be related to the internet or to a lesser extent with our smartphone.

Xiaomi It is one of the companies that has in its catalog countless products including for the home, which already integrate a certain degree of connectivity.

Connectivity to the smallest

One will think that there are things that this kind of technology cannot reach, but Xiaomi can make us change our mind.

Through its crowdfounding platform, Youpin, the company has launched an electronic notebook s, a notebook to write, do homework, draw, etc. called Smart Handwritten Notepad. And what's so special? The tool allows to detect pressure variations within a real-time magnetic field and transfers them to our smartphone by pressing a simple button to obtain a digital copy of our work.

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It should be mentioned that digital copies will also give the option to edit and formats such as JPG, PNG, MP4 and GIF, these last two being something quite curious.

Notepad has 36 pages and we can store up to 100 at the same time in our device offline apart from those we have stored in the cloud.

This tool represents something important either for those who study or those who do illustration, design, architecture, etc., since there is nothing like writing or sketching directly on paper. Its price is of $ 36 dollars hopefully they release spare sheets and the first ones are expected to begin shipping on January 7, 2019.

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