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When Steve Jobs showed the world what exactly the little jeans pocket is worth

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Apple keynotes, especially those presented by Steve Jobs, are full of mystical moments. From the keynote of the iBook, its Wi-Fi connection and a hula-hoop until the day that Jobs forced all those attending the presentation of the iPhone 4 to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network of the auditorium if they wanted to continue seeing the keynote.

Today we bring you another one of those moments to stay for the memory. It was 2005, the iPhone had not yet been introduced and the iPod was Apple's spoiled device. That day Steve showed the world so they could use those little pockets that we all have in our jeans.

A small pocket for a small iPod

In 2005 Apple was focused on growing its music business and the iPod was the star device. At that time we already had several models in the market, however Apple managed to overcome and made a tiny device, the smallest of the entire market, in which 1,000 songs still fit.

The presentation reached the point where Steve was going to unveil the iPod nano, but he did it in an amazing way: the new iPod had been all this time accompanying him in the little pocket of his pants.

As we can see the iPod nano was a real revolution compared to other mp3 players of the time, it occupied less than half that the great majority of them. No doubt at that time Apple had no competition in this sector.

The small iPod nano had a color screen with games, had the famous click wheel and an impressive design. Behind it had shiny metal and the front was made of glass in two colors: black and white. This is undoubtedly one of Steve Jobs' coolest keynotes that always had a unique way to introduce Apple's new devices.