What happens to the smartphone in cold weather?

In technology issues we know that when a team begins to warm up its operation begins to stop being the best. There are delays in the animations, there are reboots and in the worst cases they turn off completely. And of course, the most logical thing would be for our teams to work much better in cold, right? Let's see how true this can be.

According to information obtained from Huffington Post in an article dedicated to the iPhone that can be generalized because the batteries and / or screens are more standard Our smart phones need an average temperature to work properly.

The recommended temperature at which devices should be maintained based on an Apple recommendation it will be between zero and thirty-five degrees Celsius.

What happens below zero degrees?

What will cause the cold will be a considerably faster drop of our battery, even greater than when the device overheats and as when it drizzles on the screen it will be difficult to control it.

The recommendation to take care of our terminals is simple, try to keep them covered from the cold, but not to the degree of overheating them, so that we keep them in our pockets near body heat is enough.

Anyway, Did you imagine that smartphones were affected by the cold? Leave your opinion about it in the comment box, we are reading them.