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Vivo APEX 2020, a smartphone concept of the future

Occasionally, smartphone manufacturers launch some conceptual smartphones, projects where they let the imagination fly and dare with proposals that do not always reach the market. Vivo surprises us today with the Live APEX 2020, a conceptual device in which it shows some proposals of what they qualify as a vision of what may be to come.

Live APEX 2020

Vivo APEX 2020, a borderless screen and hidden camera

The Vivo Apex 2020 brings together many of the things we would like to see in the future, being an advance in many aspects of what manufacturers are looking for. Another thing is that we get to see it in the short term.

For this device Vivo shows a screen of 6.45 inches and FullHD + resolution of 120 degrees, which overflows until occupying both sides and also hides under it a camera, which will leave a front practically every screen. This implies the absence of physical buttons, which will be replaced by virtual ones with pressure detection. This design has been given the name of Super Unibody.

Live APEX 2020

In order to hide the front camera of 16 MP, Vivo has managed to increase the transmission of light on the screen 6 times just above the front camera, reducing optical interference, diffraction and flashes through a series of optimization algorithms to increase The quality of the photo.

Another aspect where you are currently working and that Vivo incorporates in the Apex 2020 is a optical zoom of its rear camera. In this case they incorporate a Continuous optical zoom of 5x-7.5x, managing to maintain a quality that is currently lost when using hybrid systems.

Live APEX 2020

This will be achieved with a combination of 4 groups, two fixed and two mobile lenses, which makes it possible to zoom and maintain the focus in real time. The set will be located in a periscope structure which will give the camera module a thickness of 6.2 mm.

On the other hand this system will have a gimbal stabilization to achieve a four-axis adjustment 200% higher than a conventional OIS system. This will also allow greater clarity in the photographs by stabilizing them when taken by hand, in addition to substantially improving the night photographs.

Live APEX 2020

The Vivo Apex 2020 will feature 5G connectivity thanks to the use of a Snapdragon 865 processor and a load 60W Wireless Super FlashCharge, which would be able to charge a 2,000 mAh battery in 20 minutes, although not knowing the size of the battery that incorporated this smartphone, we can not calculate how much it will need approximately to charge.

Live APEX 2020

Of course we are talking about a device that we may never see a version in the streets, but possibly if we see part of this technology in the future devices of the company. If you've been wanting more, here are a couple of sample videos.

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