Uber may have serious problems due to the arrival of the Didi service in Mexico.

Recently we have been presenting you news about the new competition that Uber will have in this 2018. In Mexico, private transport has gained great relevance in recent years, which is why new transport services have begun to appear, with the aim of dominate and top the private transport list in the country.

Didi Chuxing, is the name of the largest private transport company in China, as it serves its more than 1,300 million inhabitants. Mexico is one of the countries with the most profitable market for Uber, so Didi has found a great niche of opportunity in our territory to provide its services.

According to the magazine Forbes, Didi is planning a strategy to start operating in Mexico. In fact, some of the employees have been traveling in Uber in an unknown way to identify weaknesses, strengths and other aspects that could help the company to differentiate itself from Uber.

Alleged rumors assure that Didi begin operations in Toluca, then expand throughout Mexico. However, this has not yet been confirmed. The novelty that this service includes is that, it wants to go further with this I mean to implement alternatives of transport services like; bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

It will be no surprise if this service will exceed Uber, because it has a large amount of money, since large companies have invested thousands of dollars such as Apple or SoftBank Group. The Chinese company has managed to raise almost 10 billion dollars to fund its global expansion only during the last year.

Although it is a mystery, the date of arrival of this service to Mexico, it is almost a fact that the service Didi get to Mexico, but the question is; What about Uber, if this new service arrives in Mexico?

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