Top Shot, night view, completely new portrait mode and ms

Top Shot, night view, completely new portrait mode and ms

Google has officially introduced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones at its hardware event in New York City. The devices come with a lot of new features and improvements over their predecessors in several different areas, but the only aspect that received much emphasis from Google in the presentation was the camera.

The device comes with a series of new camera functions based on AI, such as Night Sight, Top Shot, Photo Booth and more. Before you begin to see the features, scroll beyond this first image to see some examples of Pixel 3 cameras.

Pixel 3 camera samples

Here are some pictures that we clicked on the Pixel 3 XL in just a few hours of use, a mix of selfies and some shots from the rear camera. Of course, we will submit the phone to several camera tests in the next few days. Stay tuned to get to know the Pixel 3 camera in depth.

Google Pixel 3 camera features

Night vision

Night Sight is an HDR function on steroids that makes its debut in the Pixel 3 series. The function allows users to take photos in low light conditions without using the flash that often erases images, making subjects look like ghosts, and overexposing dark scenes in an unnatural way. With Night Sight, Machine Learning (ML) choose the correct colors and exposure levels according to the content of the images and get the best out of your shots in low light.

Example photo of Google for Night Sight on the Pixel 3 camera

Top shot

Top Shot captures multiple images in burst mode before and after pressing the shutter. Then use Google object recognition and machine learning to select the best shots and allow users to choose a photo better than the one they actually clicked.

The images chosen by Top shot they recommend photos with smiles instead of simple faces, and open their eyes over closed ones, and the function can even detect when subjects look at the camera. Once finished by the user, the shots are saved with higher resolution and HDR.

Enhanced HDR + and portrait mode

This is the feature of the Google Pixel camera. The Pixel 3 camera comes with HDR + enabled by default. The camera will capture up to 8 frames and combine them to produce high quality photos regardless of lighting conditions, with zero shutter delay.

Google has also enhanced portrait mode and now you can edit the amount of blurry background even after clicking on the image. You can even choose to blur the subject and keep the background in focus, or make a 'Color Pop' effect to convert the background to monochrome.

Display in portrait mode of Google Pixel 3 XL