This is the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 after the announcement of the new Galaxy S20

This is the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 after the announcement of the new Galaxy S20

If you were looking for a Samsung smartphone of the Galaxy S10 family, but you were not encouraged by the price, now may be the perfect time to acquire it.

Recently, Samsung present to the world the new Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. All three devices have features that position them as the most powerful of the South Korean company so far.

The new smartphones are the clear example of the high-end by 2020, but the announcement of the devices makes us think the following: Where are they left? Galaxy S10 family prices?

Although it may seem a lie, the reality is that Samsung Galaxy S10 they already belong to a previous generation, so, having introduced the new family, the devices reduced their price significantly.

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Year after year, the technology is exceeded, so, what seemed most innovative yesterday, now we are talking about devices that have already been overcome. After the presentation of the new Galaxy S20, we wanted to know the new prices of S10 to see how much their cost decreased.

Here are the prices:

Samsung official store

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite- $ 16,999 MXN
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + 128GB- $ 23,999.00 MXN
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + 512GB- $ 29,999.00 MXN
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic and 1 TB- $ 34,999.00 MXN

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To know all the details and specifications of the devices of the previous family of Samsung, you can do it from this article. Or, you can take a look at the evolution that the company has had at an innovative level in the following video:

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Now that the family Galaxy S10 Already cheaper, will you be encouraged to buy a smartphone?