These are the most common misuses of WhatsApp

These are the most common misuses of WhatsApp

Whatsapp for Android

I will not deny it, one of the reasons I acquired my first smart phone was to use WhatsApp. At that time, the phone company plans were quite mediocre and to be able to speak “totally free” with my acquaintances Through text messages it was sufficient reason for its acquisition.

Although the essence of WhatsApp remains the same today that ten years ago, we cannot deny that its popularity has been increasing. Today is one of the most downloaded apps in the world on both Android and iOS and one of the first applications that you install when you buy a new terminal. However and despite all the time that has elapsed, WhatsApp is still being misused. Indeed, mistakes can also be made with an app that is so simple to use.

Everything we continue to do wrong in WhatsApp today

Groups for anything and the problem of adding to any user

WhatsApp for Android

What if for this Friday's snack, for the end-of-course trip, that if group for the parents of the school, group for bachelor parties … Simply enter your WhatsApp and count the number of groups in which you are involved. Worst of all, surely many of them without your express consent.

Beyond the legal and non-legal problems that may result in the introduction of a person in a group and that their phone is exposed to dozens of other users, Creating a WhatsApp group for any activity we do is a mistake. Except in cases of extreme necessity, it is better to avoid them or use the tool that the app itself offers us called “Broadcast lists”.

The damn messages in chain and derivatives

Call it bulos, spam, photographs saying good morning or as we want. There is nothing that is hated more than this type of messages in the form of a string which reminds us of those old days in which the supposed founders of MSN John and Andy warn us that if we do not forward an email to 50 users, our account will disappear.

Well, from the heart, please, begging … stop sending chain messages. Nobody cares. Thank you.

Use short sentences, why?

Basic and essential WhatsApp tricks

Hi. What's up? We meet today? These three short sentences can go in a single message, but no, for some strange reason it is better to say them separately so that your mobile phone and the wearable one that you carry in the grin ring and vibrate three times in a row in just ten seconds.

Luckily, the Spanish language is quite rich and has something called punctuation marks and paragraphs. To activate the keys that introduce these features, you don't have to do anything weird since they come standard on any keyboard that we install on our Android device. No kidding, better to send a long message than 10 short ones, really, your recipient will thank you.

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Of course there are other ways to use WhatsApp incorrectly although we think that these are the most common and especially the most annoying. Of course, using this tool to try to defraud and extort your boss is not very smart, although these are already extreme cases.

Without a doubt WhatsApp is a very useful service but like any other application, we must use it well. Or else, better use Telegram.