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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a better camera thanks to this technology

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most anticipated terminals of the year. It is a demonstration of strength by the Korean manufacturer, showing its most notable advances in its range of smartphones. And much is expected of this generation, because although the previous one was very good, it was not a great improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This week Samsung is presenting a new technology for its ISOCELL sensors at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. A new technology that in theory will get better photos on mobile devices. Knowing when they will be manufactured, the Note 9 is more than likely to receive these developments.

ISOCELL Plus, the technology that will give life to the Note 9 camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a better camera thanks to this technology

The technology in question is called ISOCELL Plus, and is that CMOS image sensors capture more light. This improves the sensitivity to light and the fidelity of the color, which will allow to obtain photos with more sharpness and with more precision, even in adverse light conditions.

Samsung is driving its technology pixel isolation even more with ISOCELL Plus. In the current structure, they are formed metal grilles over photodiodes to reduce interference between pixels, but this can often lead to optical loss since metals tend to reflect and / or absorb light. Samsung has replaced the metal barrier with a new material developed by Fujifilm for ISOCELL Plus, minimizing optical loss and reflection.

In less technical aspects, this will mean an improvement of 15 percent in the sensitivity of light. This will promote the creation of much larger sensors that cover higher resolutions. The key is that Samsung has said that this technology will start manufacturing in the second half of this year. The dates coincide, and the Note 9 camera is expected to be renewed.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a better camera thanks to this technology

Of course, it is an assumption. But it's nothing crazy, because to the large squad of telephone cameras We have today. Only the detail that the Google Pixel 2XL, a phone that is already one year old, is unbeatable in this section should serve as an incentive for manufacturers to put the batteries even more in this section.