The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already has an official presentation date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already has an official presentation date

Samsung was the first large company that opted to create two families of high-end Android terminals, one for the first part of the year and one for the second.

In 2011 we saw the Note family born and with its more and less, this brand has meant a change throughout the industry, by expanding the size of the screens beyond what was then normal.

We already knew that in 2018 there would be a successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the company has just made official the date on which it will be presented, or at least on which its new high-end Galaxy will be presented.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 arrives in August

Although the IFA is just around the corner (it will be held in the first week of September), the Korean company does not want to leave so much time to launch its new flagship and has made a day in the first half of August for it. It will be the 9 of that month the chosen day to celebrate a event in New York. The chosen time is 11 in the morning, New York time, so at 7 pm in Spain (6 in the Canary Islands) we will meet the new flagship.

He has not confirmed that it is this model but in the video they have released, which is a teaser, it is clearly seen that the protagonist is the S Pen, the stylus that characterizes the Galaxy Note since its presentation seven years ago.

In fact it is rumored that this year the accessory included in the sales pack will be even more relevant than in previous models, although details of why that will be so have not yet been leaked.

The event can also be followed live on the Samsung website that day, and as you can imagine we will bring you the first-hand information on the blog.