The OnePlus 8 Pro may present IP68 certification against water and dust ┬╗ERdC

The OnePlus 8 Pro may present IP68 certification against water and dust ┬╗ERdC

The OnePlus 8 Pro may present IP68 certification against water and dust

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Historically, OnePlus smartphones have lacked an official rating suitable for protection against water and dust. The novelty that is presented recently is that; apparently the protection standard will be added since it is reported that the OnePlus 8 series has IP86 water and dust resistance.

Previously, OnePlus had said it did not offer its smart phone with an official IP certification; because the overall cost increased. However, the company said its devices are still water resistant to some extent.. Therefore, it will be great news if the company's next flagship series arrives with an official rating. This news does not yet have a confirmation by official sources and, for now, should be taken as simple rumors.

Twitter filtering of IP68 certification in the OnePlus 8 Pro

A popular Twitter user for filtering reports on new news; I use the social network to share an image of an alleged OnePlus phone with the word ÔÇťWaterÔÇŁ clearly shown with it. This implies that the series can present an IP certification after all. At present, it is also unknown if OnePlus 8 Pro is the only model to receive it; to minimize the impacts of costs, or if it will be a common feature to the entire line.

It is clear that the new feature offer greater confidence in OnePlus users; which will now have the certification that your device will have water resistance. Although the company clearly sees the rating as unnecessary; it is worth tagging it or having one to increase the list of device features; and even compare it better with other Star Smartphone with those that compete in the market.

It only remains to wait for OnePlus to confirm this news. For any new information, we will be attentive to send it to you.

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