Honor V30 Pro

The Honor V30 and V30 Pro will not be rated by DxOMark

Honor V30 Pro

After the launch event of the Honor V30 series It will end yesterday, the president of the company, Zhao Ming, spoke on the issue of qualifying the DxOMark camera in an interview with the media.

Huawei has also shared other news in the past with DxOMark. When he launched the Mate 20 series, he said he did not reveal his score in the benchmark database because it was too high. This may be related to the company's disagreement and honesty, in addition, to verify the final results that DxOMark reflects in its reports.

Regarding the theme of the Honor V30, Zhao Ming said the following:

“In the end, they make comprehensive compensation because DxOMark has some experience standards, of which some are based exclusively on hardware. As this hardware specification becomes higher and higher, it gives it that rating. So we have different voices in the future, so our Honor V series will never again participate in the DxOMark score (…) Every year we originally planned to participate in the DXoMark score. Some of the DXO scoring standards are not useful for multiple cameras on Honor phones, but we believe they are important for consumers. In view of such a conflict, we are all assessing internally whether the Honor 30 series should be tested on its platform. ”

It remains to be seen if in the end these flagships pass or not through the hands of DxOMark. For now, know that both phones share a rear telephoto camera of the same specifications (8 MP with f / 2.4 and 3x optical zoom). The thing changes when we focus on the other two sensors of its rear photographic module. First, the main trigger on the Honor V30 is a Sony IMX600 40 MP with f / 1.8 aperture, while the Honor V30 Pro is the same, but with an f / 1.6 aperture. In turn, the wide angle lens in the first is 8 MP and in the second is 12 MP. The double selfie camera in both is the same: 32 MP + 8 MP.