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The flexible Samsung can already have a name

Next year the South Korean company, Samsung, has promised us to bring the global launch of its biggest innovation in smart phones to date, one with a screen that has the ability to fold and unfold to offer us smartphone or tablet functions at will. .

The point is that we have already had many or few data about the technical section, but nothing official at the time of what this model is called. Much has been speculated about whether to be the Galaxy F, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy X and it is not until today that we have a small light on what may be its official name.

The Sam Mobile page has brought an image that shows what a Samsung trademark registration will be in which a name is mentioned, Galaxy Fold

The patent Registered on November 28 It does not ensure that it is the name of a device or if it is an entire line of phones that will have a flexible screen.

Well they say that worse is nothing and now at least we get an idea of ​​the solution to an unknown more about this terminal. Do you think it's a good name to be the officer? Leave your answer in the comment box, we are reading.

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