Shadowgun War Games

The creators of Dead Trigger 2 launch Shadowgun War Games

If there is a study that has exerted enough pressure to put online shooter in the trip This has been Madfinger Games. Now Shadowgun War Games brings us with its intense 5v5 so you can give it your all in your online multiplayer.

A new shooter with very good graphics, intensity in combat thanks to the spectacular effects and very effective animations for one dedicated to sight in the first person; This way he attacks a little against that Call of Duty Mobile present in hundreds of thousands of mobiles. Go for it.

From some experts in mobile gaming

Shadow war games

Shadowgun War Games is the new game of that studio that has dedicated its time in launching two shooter to our mobiles for years and that opened the ban for the Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile; their games have been through these lines on rare occasions such as Unkilled or the great Dead Trigger 2 with their zombies.

Shadow war games

Here he returns to make his own with all the spectacular combat and also dedicate his efforts to visually catch us from the first moment. A game dedicated to what online multiplayer with those 5v5 clashes that put all the meat in the grill for quick games; especially for those who do not have much time in the day and want to stay hooked on some fashion game.

Shadowgun War Games has different game modes for you to go to your games. We talked about the famous way Capture the flag or that of duels in which everything is also put so that you do not blink a moment and you can help your team to rise to victory.

Shadowgun War Games and its 5v5

Shadow war games

It is very clear that this new Madfinger Games game Enter directly to compete with the core of Call of Duty Mobile and with those new modes of PUBG Mobile where we don't need even ten minutes to enjoy an intense game.

You can choose different heroes with different abilities to try them out and end up choosing one that suits your combat style more. We talk about support heroes or that more frontline battle that usually takes all the damage in the first moments of the fighting.

It is also clear that we are facing a game in Shadowgun War Games where progressing through levels is important to "gamify" our experience and thus always have the feeling that we are improving over time; investing part of our day to day to have a more experienced profile.

Putting everything in it

Shadow war games

Madfinger Games has spared no effort and we really like how well the classes are differentiated. These will have shield skills and show the degree of professionalism in the execution to be before a game that years ago we would be impossible to imagine from a smartphone. All seasoned with a variety of maps, events and arenas so that the fun is different.

A game that graphically has great value and that in performance, whenever you throw with a good mobile, it goes pretty well, although those lag peaks are not missing when we start the game on the theme of multiplayer. Shadowgun War Games is a very stimulating game in the visual and that also uses simple mechanics to move our hero and let him automatically shoot. Eye to the lighting in the games and that puts really striking moments for those who seek that intensity of the best online multiplayer.