iPhone SE2 render

The coronavirius could end up also affecting the iPhone 9

iPhone SE2 render

Although everything indicates that the iPhone 9, or SE2, will be presented this March, a report issued by the digital media Nikkei He says that Apple may not be able to fulfill its calendar as far as the mass production of the new iPhone is concerned.

Apple factories are currently working between 30 and 40% of their production, and the forecast announced that they will be at 50% by the end of this month of February. Nikkei aims to meet these times will be a real challenge for Apple and its suppliers. This will result in a lack of units at the time of presentation, which will end up translating into delays.

iPhone SE 2 9

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For the moment This does not mean that the presentation of this new iPhone will be delayed, but it also does not indicate that it will be possible to produce normally on the dates that were planned. In any case, as a counterpart to this report of Nikkei the middle Bloomberg Issue this morning a report that said Apple will be able to present the new iPhone low cost despite the problems caused by the coronavirus to its production and distribution chain. Yesterday, the German medium iPhone-Ticker said that the Keynote of the presentation of the iPhone 9 among others will be on March 31, so if Apple were left, it will have a margin of practically a full month more to arrive on time to the shelves .

What we know for sure is that the coronavirus is seriously affecting Apple, and those of Cupertino are aware of this. Yesterday Apple already warned its investors that the profit predictions for this second fiscal quarter were not going to be able to reach the expected figures due to production restrictions and lack of demand in China that is producing the virus.

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