The cold could cause breakage in folding screens

The cold could cause breakage in folding screens

Foldable smartphones keep talking, and unfortunately for the worse. This technology for many is very green, with many problems to solve and many doubts about its durability.

With the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and its “ultra-thin glass” screen, an improvement was expected, but it seems that it has not been as much as desired. Apparently both the Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola RAZR may have the same enemy, the cold, which will damage the fragile screens of the devices.

The cold could be the cause of the screen break in the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto RAZR

A problem of temperature change

From Input we get the story of how your Moto RAZR test unit began to show signs of damage for no apparent reason. From one day to another the device began to show a separation between the flexible plastic that covers it and the screen itself, this creates not only static faults, but also functional ones. In the attached images you can see how it is bubble extends to both sides of the hinge area, not having appeared due to misuse, but apparently due to temperature changes.

Motorola Razr

The editor Raymond Wong comments that before appearing this bubble he had been taking pictures in a fairly cold day, then moving to his floor where he had the heating on (without being exaggerated). Before anything abnormal in its use, Wong deduces that this may be due to the fact that the screen is not prepared to withstand the cold, something that we already saw in the Mate X of Huawei.

On the other hand from Twitter we get the story of a Galaxy Z Flip, which received a customer who proceeded to perform the steps in the instructions: open the box, remove the protective layer (which if it should be removed, not like the fold) and fold the phone. In this instant I hear a click and He watched as his screen had split.

It seems that the reason could have been the same, the cold, although in this case Samsung will have already replaced the terminal.

Be that as it may, we are talking about very expensive terminals that are being sold in some countries as climatic conditions that seem to have not been taken into account. If this is the reason, it seems that we have a design problem, if not based on the way in which the screens are built. At the moment none of the companies have spoken about it.

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