The classic Solitaire for Android is here and you can play it

The classic Solitaire for Android is here and you can play it

One of the most representative games in history, the Windows solitaire, has been published by Microsoft for free on the Google Play Store as Android solitaire.

Although video games are something with a certain history behind there are some that are iconic, such as Mario or the one that has been published today in the Google Play Store, the Windows solitaire.

This proposal has been the most played in the history of personal computers thanks to the fact that it was known, simple and came pre-installed in an operating system such as Windows.

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Now comes to Android with five different game proposals among which is the classic solitaire and that will include daily challenge to compete with our friends through integration with XBOX Live, which is done through our Microsoft account.

Types of solitaire

  • The first version is Klondike, which is what is normally known. Our goal will be to clear all the cards from the table by drawing one or three cards, as we play with the traditional score or the Vegas score.
  • The second option is Spider, where we will have eight columns of cards to clear them with the least possible number of moves.
  • We also have the FreeCell mode in which we will have four boxes to move the cards from the hand to clear them from the table.
  • In TriPeaks we will select the cards in sequence, up or down, to clear the board.
  • Finally, in Pyramid mode we will have to match two cards that add 13 to remove them from the table.

The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store although it has advertising and if we want to remove them we will have to pay $ 1.99 per month for the Premium Edition which also includes greater rewards when competing with other players.