The best password managers that make your life easier

The best password managers that make your life easier

Each day that passes forces us to have safer and more complicated passwords, and if we add to that that on average we have 10 different passwords, everything ends up becoming a real madness. But calm, that it is not necessary to be a genius and have to remember them all: for that there are the best password managers, and here we bring you a list with its advantages and disadvantages.

Laptop on a desk and on screen one of the best password managers

The best password manager

LastPass (Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome)


LastPass is a fantastic password manager that offers a free basic version, although if you want more specific features and don't mind investing a little money, we recommend that you pay for the premium option.

Once you have configured your master password, LastPass allows you to import all your saved login credentials (usernames and passwords) from Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and Safari. Subsequently, it helps you remove all information from your computer to keep it safe.

Other features you can find in the free version of LastPass include two-factor authentication, free credit monitoring, multiple identities and even an auto-complete feature, designed to streamline your purchases.

To make matters worse, LastPass also stores your encrypted information on your servers in the cloud, which means you can use LastPass on third-party computers and easily share passwords with family members. In addition, it is equipped with a password generator to create unique passwords.

However, if you want to opt for the premium version of this administrator, it is important to know that it is worth it, since you will have a series of additional authentication options, stellar technical support and the ability to synchronize information between your desktop computer and mobile devices, which does not offer the basic option.

Although LastPass is our favorite for its functions and interface, we must remind you that this program has experienced security vulnerabilities in the past. However, this administrator has demonstrated the ability to solve them, publish periodic updates and improve every day.

The rest

Dashlane (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)


Dashlane is intuitive, simple and accompanied by the authentication of two factors and the ability to change a series of passwords that span multiple sites with just a few clicks.

This administrator not only causes the memory footprint to be reduced with each update, but also has the ability to securely store fundamental notes and share encrypted passwords with emergency contacts in case you have problems with your account.

Dashlane software allows you to store your passwords locally within an encrypted vault, or synchronize them automatically on your devices. In addition, your digital wallet gives you a convenient means to track and make purchases at several online retailers (even if you don't have a previous account set up with them).

Also, if you need it you can use the software to track your receipts and even automatically reset your password without having to navigate away from the interface.

1 Password (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)


1 Password has a powerful password generator, username and password storage, which also includes secure sharing.

The digital wallet of the software also allows you to securely store everything from your login and credit card information, to your sticky notes and network passwords. The developers trust their security so much, that they offered $ 100,000 as a prize, for anyone who might be able to corrupt it, that is to have security is your creation!

The single purchase allows you to synchronize everything locally, but you can also use the software to synchronize your information between computers through Dropbox, iCloud or other service. Its biggest drawback is the lack of a free version and the limited synchronization options available through the single purchase.

Keeper Security (Mac, Windows and Linux)

Keeper Security offers a range of password solutions for large, medium and small businesses, as well as families and staff, which makes it one of the largest password managers we have ever seen. Use two-factor authentication and secure file storage to keep your information protected. Keeper also has many practical features that personal users will greatly appreciate, including version history, which can restore previous versions of your records (in case something goes wrong) and emergency access for five different contacts that can access your passwords. .