The application that managed to bring order to my days

The application that managed to bring order to my days

How many things do you have to do in a normal day? How many tasks do you have to finish before a specific date? What are you going to advance today? Day by day can be chaos if you don't organize a bit … as happened to me.

To improve my organization I started looking for an application that would help me. One that would allow me to remember what I have to do. My odyssey began.

First I went, like many, to write down on the Google calendar the things I had to do and for when, adding reminders. I went to a closer approximation of notes with Google Keep and following Google's trail I spent a few days with Google Tasks. I even used Trello. Until I discovered Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft To-Do: the application that organized my days

You shouldn't be surprised to think about the usefulness of the Microsoft notes application. Its about Wunderlist substitute that the windows company bought. Made from 0, more modern and constantly developing. You can import your Wunderlist tasks to this application.

I was looking forward to using Microsoft To-Do after letting you know here the large number of applications that Microsoft has on Android. In my search for an application that would help me organize, I fell into what was this.

Now I tell you what are the main faculties of Microsoft To-Do that have made it my daily companion for months. And with a positive result!

Basics: Categories, reminders …

The operation is very simple. The application bases its operation on Tasks. These are made up of a title and can optionally have more information:

  • Date and time for a reminder: to send you a notification.
  • Expiration date: so you can see when you have to finish it.
    • Repetition: if it expires daily, once a week …
  • Steps: different steps to complete. As subtasks to mark.
  • Description: you can add more information and not load the title so much.

In the title of the tasks you can include labels starting with the character "#" and you can select them or search for them to have a list of tasks with those labels.

Tasks are created by default in the “To-Do” category / list. When you mark the star that appears next to it in the list, it will also appear in the “Important” category. But you can create your categories / lists and create tasks there!

The categories have a title and you can change the icon of this one for an Emoji of the available ones. Very useful because you can indicate all the categories of the university with the same icon and in the title put something else. You can move tasks between categories without problem.

You can choose whether the completed tasks are shown or not in the category and the order by which tasks are displayed In that category. These are available criteria (all available also in reverse order):

  • Alphabetically.
  • Importance.
  • Expiration date.
  • Creation date.
  • Ending.
  • Added to My day (then I will go deep into this).

In addition, you can give a touch of aesthetic customization to each category by changing the background of the top and its color. Of course, among one of the predefined, they follow the aesthetics of the application.

My day: the most useful of Microsoft To-Do

But without any doubt What helps one to organize is the "My day" function. This appears in the list of categories, but it is more than that. You cannot create tasks here, just add tasks from other categories to “My day” to appear here.

This function is designed so that you can organize your day, whether arriving at work or waking up. Go through the categories full of tasks to do and with a gesture add them to "My day". Throughout the day you will only have to look here. You can even schedule a notification to remind you to prepare the day.

You can also order and customize the “My day” section as if it were a category, except you cannot change the icon and name. If you create a task here, it will be created in the “To-Do” category and automatically added to “My day”.

And at the end of the day? Well, it empties. New day! From 00:00 the section "My day" is empty and it marks you how many tasks you managed to complete the previous day. Here you have the option to review the tasks you did not complete to add them to this new day.