Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley 1.4 arrives with many new features in a great update

Stardew valley

Stardew Valley is the trendy indie game to create your farm and spend hours and hours enjoying one of the best games we've seen on Android in recent dates. Now It has version 1.4 that comes loaded with news and that puts it on par with the PC and consoles; although still without multiplayer.

Among those novelties we can talk about the more than 60 new articles, more than 24 styling styles or those new fishing rods among a great list that we will now tell you. A game that receives a large batch of content for us to continue enjoying with its pixel art and while we hope that one day we can enjoy the multiplayer from our mobile.

The main novelties of version 1.4 of Stardew Valley

Stardew valley

We already had it last year for the review to be very happy with the great port made from PC. We still have the multiplayer, but version 1.4 means that at the content level we are on par with PCs and consoles, which gives it great value for those who have never tried it and those who are hooked from their smartphone.

The Stardew Valley 1.4 It is a great update and we can summarize it with these news:

  • By the end of the game we have a new construction that could be linked with the future and expected multiplayer.
  • 14 new events to meet Your hours of fun with your spouses.
  • More than 60 new items.
  • The ponds are added to create and fish in them.
  • 24 new hairstyles, 181 shirts and new hats, pants and boots.
  • Now it is possible to transfer files of games that we have in the PC to the mobile.
  • 14 new music tracks to liven up your fun times.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes.

Stardew valley

We are facing the most important news and we say it because there are many more that we are going to comment, although we will not go into all the details. Stardew Valley is a title that live on the content, and although it allows us to customize our farm thanks to its core gameplay core, it does need to be updated to access new items that provide other game perspectives.

The most striking without any doubt are the 60 new items and that we will have to obtain both in missions and when manufacturing them. I mean, that handicraft is promoted so that we continue creating new objects with which to grant our farm new types of production.

Those more novelties that hide this new update

Stardew valley

Apart from being able to create those ponds to fish in them from our own farm, and that will save us the way to the nearby rivers or go to the sea port, we also have a new map called Four Corners. This map is dedicated to the multiplayer, so it sets the stage so that in the future we can enjoy our favorite game exponentially.

Another tip of the Stardew Valley 1.4 is the space inside our house has doubled and that allows us to put more furniture. For the part that touches the mines, two new monsters and two new alternative levels to the mines have been included.

Stardew valley

Stardew Valley has also added numerous improvements to make the menu experience more enriching, and we even allow access to the profile of each inhabitant of the people in order to know the social relationship we have with it; You know that we are facing a game that emphasizes sociability.

We have to remind you that if you have a game saved with the previous version 1.3, its use will not be worth it if we update to version 1.4. So it is interesting that you update that game to finally export the game from the latest version.