Slight screen failure on some OnePlus 6T

Slight screen failure on some OnePlus 6T

The smartphone screen today plays an extremely important role when choosing which equipment we are going to buy. There are large, small, fragile, beautiful screens and unfortunately sometimes, there are screens with occasional error.

Those we have or that we had in our hands a Moto G4 we know what it means for the screen to suffer from an error thing that is very unfortunate That could have been solved before its sale, but it was not a big deal either and we survived.

Of screens with some errors

The One Plus 6T It belongs to that line of phones that offer a lot, but which in turn provide a very acceptable user experience and performance, which is why the brand has been made with a large number of customers.

It is worth mentioning that the screen of this terminal is very pleasant to look at since the team hardly lets the edges be observed, but unfortunately today an error jumps that could make us fall out of love with it.

The previous team, One Plus 6, had latency problems and now his older brother has a peculiarity on the screen that at the moment only appears on some devices when executing certain actions. The video shows how a line of light travels the screen about halfway down.

The few that have happened to them mention that it is a completely random event and that it can occur when the Always On Display function is active, when the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition is used.

About One Plus an doesn't mention anything, but hopefully it remains a problem of only a few and can be solved in the best way whether it is software or hardware.

Do you have a One Plus 6T? Ask us if this same problem happens to you in the comment box.

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