Should the neumorphism be the basis of the design of iOS 14?


The neumorphism (neumorphism) is a term used to describe a design style for the user interface of operating systems or other visual elements.

Today we are going to talk about whether Apple should change the current style of iOS and iPadOS to adopt the neumorphism in future versions.

This emerging design trend, which is currently very fashionable, adds a rather futuristic style while elegant user interfaces. It includes light effects, shading, depth and textures. Is it time to leave minimalism behind, Apple?

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Scheuomorphism, minimalism and … neumorphism?


Looking back to the past to analyze a screenshot of the design of the user interface of older versions of Apple's mobile operating system it is irremediable to think that the scheuomorphism used (realistic elements) at that time was insubstantial, ornate and very inelegant. At least, that's what we think now. Because at that time we loved it. And it's something that happens with everything: cars, clothes, appliances …

When iOS 7 arrived, Jony Ive got the batteries and surprised the world with an impeccable user interface minimalist. It was a totally opposite direction to the one that showed the scheuomorphism, with flat elements, fine texts and buttons with a very clean visual aesthetic.

But the truth is that there is a middle term for the two extremes (scheuomorphism and minimalism). We talk about neumorphism (not to be confused with neomorphism), a style that oscillates between the ornate and the flat.


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Contrary to the scheuomorphism, which emulates elements of the physical world until reaching the absurd, neumorphism adds a futuristic aspect to the current paradigm of user interface design. It incorporates light effects, shadows and includes texture and depth to flat elements. The colors are chosen very cautiously, with very soft but colorful tones, in order to offer a much more comfortable and pleasant navigation.

This innovative design trend I emerged in November 2019. A design language based on a much deeper integration of the elements on a background, giving the feeling that buttons, text fields, etc. are part of the background itself. In this way, neumorphism creates a subtle 3D style with elegance and futuristic air.

You can learn a little more about this design concept in the following video: