Shade Launcher

Shade Launcher is a minimalist app launcher

Shade launcher

If you are looking for an app launcher that gives Pixel Launcher a spin with a more minimalist touch and clear in its design, this is Shade Launcher. A new app launcher to join all those alternatives that we have and sometimes we like to go to try another type of experience on the desktop.

Let's say that Shade Launcher is the “spiritual” successor of Rootless Pixel Launcher and that he carries the same concept of minimalism and clear design that allows us to enjoy a great user experience. While the version released last year was based on Android Pie, it does arrive for Android Q or Android 10.

The main thing about Shade Launcher

Shade launcher

It is necessary to warn in advance that we are facing a launcher that totally forgets to bring us a lot of options, and puts the emphasis on minimalism and putting the center in the most simplistic user experience we can find today in an app for Android.

I mean, that don't expect those special features to hesitate before your colleagues, since Shade Launcher distances himself greatly from other pitchers for that reason. It is pure minimalism, and not only in design.

And think, if you have the base of the Android Q launcher for Android One, everything goes to save resources and not put much pressure on the system hardware. That is, if you want a lightweight launcher, perhaps this is one of the best we can have today on our mobile. In fact in the Galaxy Note 10+ fly.

Its best features

Shade launcher

Expecting that we mainly have the desk, the app drawer with a gesture from below and the long press on the desktop to launch the screen settings, widgets and desktop, little more we will find, although there is some thing of interest.

What really attracts attention is that allow us to replace the icons of all apps that we have. While other launchers allowed this feature, the number is increasingly reduced. If you are looking for a launcher that replaces the icons, you have found it.

There is another feature to Pixel Launcher, although you need the news source download to use a gesture from the right and go to this section. You need to download the bridge to make this feature available.

Shade launcher

Yes that too It has another set of features and which are the following:

  • Grid division for 4, 5 or 6 columns, or simply let the launcher select them according to the size of your mobile.
  • Shortcuts: Make a long press on an app to find its shortcuts to sections of it and that we already know of other versions of Android.
  • Hide apps from the eyes of others: An interesting option is to drag an app from the app drawer to drop it over the eye-shaped icon. Thus we hide it. Now we have to open the app drawer to find it right at the end of it. What needs to be done is another gesture at the bottom down to make the hidden app visible to be able to access it. Quite interesting.
  • The Android Q users can add an action button to go home from the bottom navigation bar with gestures. All you have to give the appropriate permits.

Definitely, Shade Launcher is an interesting minimalist app launcher that is and for the simple thing that it does everything. It is the perfect launcher for terminals with low RAM and that have few resources, but do not want to miss having some current features. If you are looking for a new minimalist launcher without much flaunting, this will surely be the one you are going to stay with for a long time.

Shade launcher