Santa's best gift? A new career, thanks to these sub $ 10 courses!

Santa's best gift? A new career, thanks to these sub $ 10 courses!

The fact that spending the entire month of December buying gifts for others does not mean that you should not be taking care of yourself too. Obviously, you can get a new TV or some other tasty treatment at the Christmas discount parade, but hey, keep an eye on the prize, friend. With the arrival of a new year, invest in learning something new to launch 2019 as your emerging year.

We collected five learning packages to expand your skill set and maybe even help you start a new, more lucrative career in January. Happy holidays, by the way.

1. The complete Adobe CC training package – $ 6.25 with promotion code "BFBUNDLE75"

Even if you have access to the world's most powerful media creation tool, Adobe Creative Cloud, it doesn't mean you know how to use it. With more than seven courses and more than 65 hours of training, learn exactly what it takes to master basic products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, as well as less known (but equally shocking) applications such as Premiere, After Effects and more. The training costs almost $ 675, but once the usual TN Deals discount plus the additional price reduction is taken into account, you can get the full package for only $ 6.25.

2. Essential data domain package – $ 9.75 with promotion code "BFBUNDLE75"

Data analysis is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the business world. You can become one of the most valuable collaborators of your company with the knowledge of this package of seven courses. Understanding and managing large data sets is the basis of this training, which offers the experience to manipulate and reorganize the data in the way you want. Learn MongoDB, MySQL, MapReduce, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, databases and more. A value of $ 660 is only $ 9.75 for a limited time.

3. Complete package of white hat penetration and pirate tests – $ 4.75 with promotion code "BFBUNDLE75"

Whether you are considering a new career or simply want to better secure your own data, there may be no more valuable technical experience than cyber security. This collection presents five courses that explain what it takes to become a white hat hacker, the tools of the IT security professional trade and everything you need to know to get a six-figure concert as a network penetration tester. There is even training on how to host your own websites. This package is already on sale for less than $ 1 per course.

4. The complete Learn to Code Masterclass package – $ 9.75 with promotion code "BFBUNDLE75"

Coding is universal, however, many people are still baffled by the process of creating their own web experiences. Programming is knowledge that can get you hired almost anywhere, and the full Learn Learn to Code master class includes everything in this tidy collection. These nine courses are deep, covering everything from languages ​​and processes such as HTML, CSS, C ++, Java and Python; how they all fit dynamically in their pages and websites. This training even includes instructions on new things, such as Google's own programming protocol, Google Go. Getting the full collection is available for only $ 9.75.

5. Copywriting teacher's package – $ 4.50 with promotion code "BFBUNDLE75"