Galaxy S20

Samsung gives you more than 400 euros for your iPhone if you buy one of the new Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20

Last week Samsung introduced its new Galaxy S20 devices that arrive to compete with Apple's iPhone 11. We already take care of comparing them, both with the iPhone 11, as with the iPhone 11 Pro Max and as of today the Korean brand terminals can now be reserved.

Like Apple does with its Trade In program, Samsung also allows you to get an interesting discount if you deliver your old device before buying a new one. And best of all, it doesn't have to be a smartphone from Samsung itself, You can also deliver an iPhone and take a Galaxy S20 with discount.

Deliver your iPhone and get a Galaxy S20 with discount

Perhaps the most interesting of all is that Samsung pays you more if you deliver an iPhone XS Max, released in September 2018, that if you deliver a Galaxy Note + 5G, launched in August 2019. With the Apple device you can get up to 413 euros and for Samsung up to 400.

samsung iphone price

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It is certainly quite curious that iPhone is the best rated devices by Samsung, perhaps it is a strategy to try to convince Apple users to make the leap to their terminals. Anyway, if you want to fall into the temptation of Samsung, in the table above you can see how much they offer you for your iPhone, even if it is old. The new iPhone 11 does not enter this promotion apparently, they will be too new.

We do not know if they convince many with this system, even though, It is still more profitable to sell your device through any second-hand shopping app that delivering it in this type of programs. Get more money, although it probably takes longer to get it and it's not so comfortable.