Samsung Galaxy S10E: Reasons to buy it – Video

The galaxy S ten is the new Gamal phone also cheaper in health in this day we tell you the five reasons we found to buy it plus of course it is beautiful design we activate.
The galaxy S ten may be the cheapest of the galaxy S ten but that does not mean no and in some vital details and that hunger users.
Continue to guide the manufacturers make the slot in my opinion the port for headphones and even water resistance dozens of elements will be positively valued. This device.
In the fourth position we have the W kitchen even in the galaxy it is obvious that promises for music lovers or better sound greater clarity and audio in three dimensions.
Thanks to technology, don't come back to Moss.
The Galaxy S and that is a great device that also allows me to choose between two storage options and ram CD memory, the boot of one hundred and twenty eight arrived from storage and I grab it with two hundred fifty-six gigabytes of storage.
This gives you the opportunity to decide how much you get until considering the use that sweeps your mobile phone.
The galaxy S ten is cheaper airports at eleven o'clock and forgetting to talk cell phone one of the great features of the family is the reverse wireless charge that allows screaming and other cell phones.
And even hearing aids with this technology by the way I take this opportunity to comment on the fast charge that is also part of how benefits. From the telephone of the South Korean company.
And in the position number one of this stage five we have the double main camera of the galaxy S ten because despite being the most economical team to the Sansn headquarters it did not leave.
And in this technology as happened with the galaxy S nine last year.
In addition to the competition yet, the iPhone R ten has only one that is not exactly extraordinary.
The noble cause does not have a lift in the background as it includes a large regular regular variable opening bed and also includes artificial intelligence as well as a new way to improve night photos.
Est accused of the main reasons we found to buy the galaxy is ten thousand.
Do not forget in the midst of the reasons for not buying it for Castilla the complete unit is and this is the art of Miramar villa purchase as the P from the diagonal point.