Russia block Telegram if the company does not deliver the encryption keys to the government

TelegramIt is one of the most used messenger applications after WhatsApp, and now it presents the serious threat that it could stop working in Russia in the not too distant future, all thanks to a threat imposed by said country to the messenger service. This news has been affirmed by theRussian Supreme Court, which requires the developer thatdeliver encryption keys with the threat of blocking Telegramin the country if the answer is not yes.

In this way, Telegram is forced by the Supreme Court to deliver the encryption keys fordecode messages received or sentof its users. These keys are necessary to know the content of these messages within the platform and which to be delivered to theRussian Security Service. This threat is not new, because in the past the same thing happened but the threat from the government concluded only with a fine of$ 14,000 dollars.

While on the Telegram side, their lawyers claim that sensitive information will not be delivered, since the protection of user privacy is the most important thing for Telegram. There is no doubt that privacy is the strength of Telegram and does not seem willing to compromise.

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