Ride the skies in the great online multiplayer 4v4 called Kick-Flight

Kick-Flight is new air that enters directly to the screens of our mobiles to generate a new gaming experience. Of course, you will have to catch the trick to fly freely with your hero and thus be able to beat against other players who will face the same problem.

We say catch the trick because you will have to do with the different gestures that will allow us to fly freely in an airspace where we will have other players trying to kill us. A multiplayer games very anime and they will hook up to the most peppered.

Learn to fly as if you were a hawk


The first objective of Kick-Flight is that learn to handle yourself with their gestures. You will be able to move forward, backward, upward, sideways and even make turns. To make everything easier Kick-Flight has given you a series of gestures that will save you efforts and movements in vain.


A quick press for our hero to start flying, a gesture down and up to turn completely to the opposite side or those lateral gestures to move left or right. When we get to the controls we will discover some multiplayer online games in which we face another 4 players.

In those games we have to go picking up a series of objects that we have to release at the central base and where we will meet the other 4 players who will have the same objective. Those who manage to reach the necessary points will win the game.

Choose your kicker in Kick-Flight well


Now you will also have to know how to choose your kicker well. This is a hero of his own with his own abilities. Logically we will have to try one after the other in order to find the one that best suits our style of play. Although we recommend that you go to the controls before, since in the first minutes you will find yourself lost.

The best thing about Kick-Flight is that from the beginning forces us to play against other players and that we do what babies do when they start crawling, to take a first step and then another and thus get to walk at some point.

We already warn you that the moment you control your hero you will enjoy as never before for the freedom that Kick-Flight gives itself. It also reminds us of those fighting that Son Goku has had against Vegeta in Dragon Ball and that are practically replicated in this game, although better carried than the titles released from the great saga of Japanese animation.

Apart from the great gameplay

Of course, it has all those premium options for achievements, get us more kickers or get records in the store. Discs, or rather loot boxes and that will allow us to obtain those cards in order to improve our kickers and their accessories and skills. We also have a profile that can be followed to Instagram or Twitter, and all those options that improve the experience outside the games themselves. The truth is that they have worked here to offer a great gaming experience.

We have left the graphic section for last. And of course, we are facing one of its best features. The truth that we are facing great game where character design, the aesthetics of them, the powerful skills, the environment and the great performance of the games put him before one of the best online multiplayer launched in these months; One similar to the action is Extraordinary Ones as MOBA. What does it take a few minutes or more to make the move and that is vital to be able to face other players, although taking little in the Play Store you will find many players with the same difficulties.