Rescue the small radishes in this great platform called Dadish

When we have a addictive platforms, as with Dadish, and in which it shows that he is well pampered, suddenly we begin to feel the same thing that has happened with other legends of the platforms such as the Mario.

This is what happens with this new Android game in which they have put all efforts to generate a great experience of game. It is not that it will bring anything new to the genre, but it does have all the elements we look for when we vitiate a platform. Let's go get him.

A very spoiled platforms


Dadish is a new platform in which it shows that he has put a lot of love in each of its elements. We can simply notice the dynamic of the protagonist's movement and how it releases a little dust in each jump. It is true that in animation they have tried to make us feel that they are handling a very lively character in all their actions.


This helps us to jump from one place to another with all the joy of the world and if we add to this experience a good deal carried out in the control of it, it almost embroiders it. We say it because the control is not through a button, but it is understood that the left half of the split screen in two it is for the control of the movement, while the other is for the jumps.

And so we will begin our journey in an adventure with levels that begin with little extension, but that they are increasing in difficulties to have to work well all the jumps. Attention because in a matter of few levels you will have to know how to handle yourself very well with the jumps to avoid falling into the traps And this is what it is all about!

40 levels of great difficulty to enjoy in Dadish


We have already said that the levels are not easy and we will find those moments, and that they are the most sought after, in which we will test our expertise. That is, wait for a platform to rise and jump between the two skewer traps to fall on it and thus pass before the next difficulty; and that will be one after another.

If we have 40 levels designed by hand, you can make all the fun that awaits you. At the same time we have to have 4 final bosses that they will make things difficult for us and that we encourage you to know them.

Another of Dadish's points are the dialogues and the background story of the rescue of what a few small radishes look like. The thing is that the dialogues are in English, so maybe you don't know the funny points of them.

Pure magic made as platforms


If we are to highlight something in Dadish it is the joint melody played by each of the elements that make up This platforms. It is difficult to keep something in particular when it is the "everything" that manages to catch us. As we say, it is a platform made with many pampering and that shows in every recess.

We highlight how well animated everything is, and that is not that they have outstanding animations, but it is rather the effects carried out to cause great dynamism. The graphics are pixelated and they also have theirs to recreate environments and that generous experience that Dadish gives us. We are also left with the visual effects of transition between levels that also offer a great experience.

Dadish is possibly one of those ten platforms this year 2020 to which you have to play, such as Cookie Must die. We have it for free, with treasures to find and those secret spaces that we must try to find in each level. An ode to the platforms and that from here we encourage you to try.