Sebastian Jimenez

Recently presented a Microsoft patent driver with removable and attachable buttons

Microsoft recently filed a patent at the United States Patent Office for a "driver with removable accessories." Therefore, if it is not clear, it refers to specific buttons and input methods on the controller that can be removed and replaced. , Like shown in the next figure.

"The selected removable controller accessory is one of a plurality of differently configured removable controller accessories that can be removably placed on the mounting platform," says the patent application. The mounting platform is configured to move from a predetermined posture to an activation posture that responds to finger manipulation of the selected removable controller accessory when the selected removable controller accessory adheres to the mounting platform. "The activation function of the sensor interacts with the electronic input sensor to generate an activation control signal in the activation posture."

So, according to the patent, instead of giving players a controller with a "one size fits all" design, you have more options here. If, for example, you have different preferences for the type of buttons you want on your controller, depending on the shape, texture, color or size, you can remove the buttons and attach the ones you would prefer to have "in a toolless way .

"Finger manipulated controls (for example, push buttons, triggers, joysticks, directional pads) that are an integral part of a game controller have been traditionally designed according to a" one size fits all "approach, according to the patent However, different users may have different preferences in the shape, size, color, texture or other attributes of such controls.The present disclosure is directed to a customizable game controller that includes one or more finger-manipulable controls that can be exchange in a way without tools. "

It is an interesting idea, and it should certainly be popular with several people. It is known that Microsoft has tried new things with its controllers, especially in terms of wanting to give players more options, and this seems to fit perfectly as well. Recently, we also reported that they are working on a Switch type clip controller for mobile devices and tablets. Read more about it through here.

Microsoft patent driver