Beta Maniac

Receive the first invitation to a beta of an app with Beta Maniac

Beta Maniac

There are some who like to have the latest beta version of their favorite app. And as it can become really addictive, we are going to teach you how to be the first to access the closed or open beta that you have published Some developer or company.

Beta Maniac is an amazing application that will allow us know all the betas of all the apps that we have installed, and even send us a notification when one of those that had the full quota is already open to participate in it.

How to manage all the betas to be first in them

Beta Maniac

Having a beta installed means that we can be the first to test that latest novelty; how can the dark theme be in WhatsApp. Of course, you must always keep in mind that we risk bugs mattertes, although it is true that they usually come quite polished. But we recommend that if you use an app a lot, such as WhatsApp or one for work, you better wait for the final just in case.

But, vice versa, if you want to try the latest news of a great online game Multiplayer such as Might & Magic Chess Royale, with this app you will be able to receive the notification when a new version of the beta is launched or you can participate in it if it was closed at any time.

This closing betas is more usual than one can think and you can see it in certain games and apps. But let's get to know a little more closely what is Beta Maniac, a great app that has arrived recently and that we love for being very useful to be at the last of the favorite apps and games.

Get the first betas with Beta Maniac

Beta Maniac

Beta Maniac will request when you start it for the first time Google account credentials that you use with your mobile for apps and games from the Play Store. You will see that when you log in you will receive a lost notification of any of those apps or games that you requested at some time.

If not, we go directly to the first screen where we can configure the time interval for the self check and thus be the first to receive that notification About an open beta. We recommend that you do an interval of a few hours so that you also do not exercise much consumption to the mobile to have the app in the background. With a few hours we go more than enough; unless it is an app or game in which you know that there is a great demand and you are interested in Beta Maniac checking every minute.

After this adjustment, we find the complete list of apps and games We have installed on our mobile. And this is where the fun and interesting Beta Maniac comes in.

Three icons to inform you of the beta status of an app

Beta Maniac

We have three icons that display the beta status of an app or game In those apps where there is a beta that informative icon will appear next to it. In green it is to indicate that we are already subscribed to the beta of that app or game.

The icon in blue color shows that a beta is available to which we have not yet We have subscribed. If we click on the app we will see how it indicates that they want to invite us to the beta. From the same app we will be able to participate without having to leave it. What is in itself a comfort.

The other button is gray and indicates that there is no possible place to participate in the beta. If we click on this app with the gray icon, Maniac Beta will inform us through a notification when there is a space available to participate in the beta.