Philips launches its new 4K UHD screen in 24 format in Spain

Philips launches its new 4K UHD screen in 24 format in Spain

Now working with your computer from your desk will be more pleasant and ultimately a unique and superior experience because the leader in technology and brand license for the manufacture of Philips monitors, MMD, has presented a new screen with 4K UHD resolution. With only 24 inches, the 241P6VPJKEB completes the UltraClear 4K UHD line with this new smaller model.

Philips screen 4K UHD 24.,

This last member of the UltraClear 4K UHD family, manages to maintain the same performance, as far as definition is concerned, than those of the same product line with 1,074 million colors and 99.9% of standard SRGB colors, also having an integrated camera and microphone.

A small screen with a big screen image

Although its dimensions are the smallest in its field, the new Philips monitor offers a real sense of space on users' desks due to the sharpness and clarity of the 4K UHD resolution, since this is four times larger that the Full HD with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels for each square inch of screen space, something that allows you to see the details like never before, that is, the user will be able to enjoy the additional screen space to your liking (with videos or games ), or use it to be more productive at work, since its characteristics make it proper for the exercise of any profession.

Philips 4K UHD 24 screen

“The new Philips 241P6VPJKEB screen is one of the first 4K with 24 inches to reach the market. It offers incredible viewing clarity for each content, and is an excellent choice for Windows 10 resolution capabilities. Part of MMD's commitment is to offer users a more pleasant and productive visual experience with the equipment they use at their desks. ”, Commented Albert Ulfman, product manager of Philips monitors for EMEA in MMD.

With the connectivity you need

This monitor not only has the power of 4K UHD, but is also designed with features that are of high importance to users who are always connected. One of these features is that the screen supports MultiView, so people can connect and view the images of two separate sources at the same time, for example, they can perform a PC and TV power at the same time.

Similarly, with MHL technology included, users can connect smart phones or other devices and enjoy all their content on this new high-resolution screen, or they can also use its USB 3.0 port to connect devices and recharge them quickly.

Philips 4K UHD screen in just 24

In short, this 4K screen that Philips offers in its version of 24, with the quality that manifests in its characteristics, poses a very good tool for anyone who deserves high definition in the work you do, and you can already get it in your store preferably at an approximate price of 549.

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