black desert mobile

Omar Lava Cave arrives at Black Desert Mobile

black desert mobile

Pearl Abyss has announced a new update for Black Desert Mobile, all after the developer announced the arrival of Field of Valor. After working on it for a while, many corrections and new additions were expected, the company does not want to disappoint fans of this title available for Android.

It is totally free, we will skip a window once we start the game, but we can also download it manually using the options. It will be enough to be hooked on a WiFi connection if we want to be able to enjoy it, the company advises not to use mobile data.

Everything Nightmare Brings: Lava Cave of Omar

Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave add two game modes, the first one will allow the Adventurers to fight in PvP mode, and against powerful monsters in the combat zone. The maximum number of people per connection is 100 adventurers, obtaining special rewards by defeating the monsters: high-grade team and Dark Stones.

Black desert mobile Receive the Resonance upgrade, for +3 and +4 accessories, so players will have additional benefits when they have delighted accessories. Resonance will increase combat ability by having a level of enchantment or degree.

Desert mobile

The update will also affect the classification system and ranges. The classification system was based on the server, but now the system will be based on all servers. The Adventurers will be able to know the position among all the players in each region: Asia, Europe and North America.

Black Desert Mobile is a free download In the Google Play Store, the title already has more than 5 million downloads worldwide, and many of them online. The size of the game is about 87 megabytes and to play it it will be enough to have the Android version 5.0 or later versions.